Halloween in War Thunder!

The spOoOoky season is upon us, which means beasts of the night — black cats, bats and killer snails have arrived in War Thunder to celebrate Halloween! Participate in Halloween themed events, get unique decals and decorate your vehicles to get into the holiday spirit.

When: From October 27th (12:00 GMT) until November 1st (7:00 GMT)!

The Dead Man’s Chest and Witch’s Cauldron trophies are once again available to purchase in the in-game store! In them, you’ll be able to get Halloween decals and decorations. Two new decals have arrived too: the “Angry Black Cat” decal and “The Bat” decal!

Decals in the Dead Man’s Chest

“Angry Black Cat” decal

“The Bat” decal

“Killer Snail” decal

“Fiery Eye” decal

Ground event: “Through creepy places”

Decals from the Dead Man’s Chest can also be obtained in the M18 “Witch tank” event for 300 rating points! Take a quick ride through creepy places in this creepy vehicle and claim your prize!

Air event: “Witch Hunt”

Decals can be earned in the Po-2 “Night Witch” aircraft race as well. Maneuver between rocky cliffs and try to survive: 300 rating points will not earn themselves!

In addition to this, 1,000 pilots with the highest rating in the “Witch Hunt” aircraft racing event will be rewarded with the Po-2 aircraft for the USSR. This reward will be given out 48 hours after the event ends. You can track your rating by clicking on the “Reward” button in the “Events” window. The update time for the leaderboard is around every 15 minutes.

So, get playing and celebrate the spooky season with style in War Thunder!


announcement 5 min AFTER it started? Really?


Is the Po2 the very po2 or is it a new po2?

Should be the OG PO-2 (as it has always been) not the Po-2M, otherwise they should state it has been changed to the M version and edit post.

Just my 2 cents

I’d love to see a Sim version of the air racing event.

A big portion of this community actually enjoys flying our planes without mouse-aim/Instructor, and racing would be an enjoyable event for Sim users if we didn’t have to compete against players using AI assistance.

Could you ban winter smoke? It blinds everyone in this mode.

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It’s regular Po-2

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Sadly it’s not possible, sorry :(

Ok, thank you!

I was among 1000, I don’t have Po 2

“This reward will be given out 48 hours after the event ends.”

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