Hacking: injecting yoke movements into the data stream


At the two minute mark, my yoke kept getting forward commands that I wasn’t giving. They aren’t smooth, but more like someone issuing a command over and over manually. This is the second time I have seen this today. Nothing else seemed wrong and I don’t think my hardware is at fault.

It might be worth looking at the data stream for this game, for my plane and see if there is something injected, and where it was injected from if you log this data.

Save a backup of your controls.
Reset controls entirely.
Use default controls, and test.

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Desync can cause this sort of situation just saying…

If you use wifi, or have others on your network uploading and using facebook with it’s scroll update feature nonsense, this can come to be a problem.

I used to have issues when people were sending out large emails on my end, and my tank would sit doing doughnuts because my controls weren’t being sent, and the game would just pick up what was my last control change.

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