Ha-1112 "Movie stars"

In currently researching the Ha-1109 & 12 aircraft series.
But now I’m a bit stuck as some aircraft are seemingly fitted with guns some with just wing mounted guns like this one,

Some with 2 on top of the engine and 2 in the wings,

And one even what seems like,

2x guns on the engine, 2x in the wings and one nose cannon.

Are these dummy guns or are they real but disabled ?


The rounded wingtip extensions, wing fences, cannon stubs and rocket rails were removed and dummy machine guns, radio masts and tailplane braces added. Some of the airworthy aircraft were fitted with strobe lights on the end of the wing-mounted machine gun barrels and smoke canisters below the ejector exhaust ports. Following these modifications, the Buchóns were painted in generic Luftwaffe camouflage and fictional Jagdgeschwader markings

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Sweet thank you m8. Shame that some are not real as they would be good premiums.

No offense bro, but this plane is uglier that the Swiss EKW C-36 - it was a pain to see them in the BoB movie.

The main selling point of the beauty of 109Fs and early G-models was the clean design around the inverted V12 engine - and the amazing sound of the supercharger. This ugly thing has nothing of both…

Considering this as a premium by gaijin? - Maybe in a parallel universe.

Edit: With the BoB movie i meant this one, not Dunkirk:


I understand not everyone loves the aircraft and I was like you at first especially in the Dunkirk movie at the time iirc there was a actual E-3 flying at the time.

But yea idk as I’ve said I’m researching into the series and found 11 variants so far

This isn’t final but fair to say enough here to fill rank 2 to 4 if there’s a Spanish tree coming.

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