Guys, ICE is actually good

Guys, I guessed it correctly, ICE is much funnier than I thought it would be. Why? It’s a whole spectrum of things. First - radar is actually pretty damn good, with 10 sec of initial setup it’s really pretty versatile. Second - your speed, well, you’re a second slowest aircraft on this BR after the harrier, so why it’s a benefit? Well, all the newest 4-gen aircraft sprint forward and catch all the flying garbage that got added, while you is kinda safe from it. Third - RWR is damn good, It’s actually my first time actively looking at RWR screen, because it’s giving a correct and useful information, like really, you know when the missile is on you, not on your teammate, but on you. Fourth - AIM-9L-i is actually pretty good, decent flare resistance + good range and you got 4 of them. With everyone focused on BVR and FOX-3 they kinda forget how to flare correctly + you can use your radar to fake FOX-3 launch. Fifth - vulcan. Finally a good freaking gun, after all soviet fart tubes germany had at top tier for years it feels like a fresh air. Sixth - grind is actually kinda pleasant, because it’s a damn phantom, you can take the load to kill bases while still being competetive at AA combat. Seventh - it’s a phantom on steroids, I haven’t played the previous phantom, but this thing actually feels manuverable, I never found myself in a situation where my manuverability hindered my tactics and engagements, that’s pretty nice. Eighth - it’s a phantom, probably a coolest plane in the history of humanity (at least one of them for sure), for it’s history, looks + capabilities. Tenth - just imagine the skins that will come for this babygirl, it’s gonna be the flashiest plane in the field. That’s it boys, I’m having a good time grinding it from stock and that’s pretty unusual I would say, lol. Try it, do not fear, pop some vietnam mixtape in the background, or some german industrial(idk) and enjoy! Btw it got some large flares, and seems to be pretty capable at dodging IR missiles with IRCCM.


Like IDK guys, really, being a bit late is an advantage and a huge one, for example in this match my flares bugged and I was unable to use them.


2nd slowest?
Dunno what you’re flying, but the F-4F is among the fastest, as fast as an F-14B in total speed, and rather fast in acceleration.

Also I’ve been telling people to use doctrine for War Thunder a while.
Which means go into combat off AB at a cruising speed, and use AB for dogfights and passes.

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Idk if you know what you’re talking about half of the time, but here’s an F-14B who’s outspeeding me as if I’m standing still. Going with AF off is not a good idea, because it makes you TOO late for the battle in case your team is winning. I’d recommend taking 15-20min of fuel in internal tank and an external fuel tank to drop it in case of a dogfight or some intense stuff. Regarding speed - I was finding myself struggling with keeping speeds above Mach 1.0 at times, so this is a thing. The first slowest aircraft at this br is a Harrier, second is you, so…

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Capability enhancing decal set, in case someone was wondering


F-14B has more acceleration, but it has the same top speed.
27 minutes total fuel is pretty good for general maneuverability.

Well it makes sense, maybe, never used it. But it’s not even an aircraft of the same bracket, because being 12.7 you get sucked in 13.0 99% of the time, while F-14 gets to annihilate the grind br of 11.0 - 12.0

I’m not bragging, but to proof the point.
(it would’ve been 5 if last one didn’t RTB and RTH)

I would consider this guy as one of the best.

Now show your average game with it.

On average any 4th gen is probably faster due to having better acceleration and energy retention, they aren’t losing as much speed and staying slow as long as a 3rd gen including an F-4 would (ofc not talking about sheer top speed)

Yea, I know, I watched this video, it actually pushed me to explain myself. He’s a genius, a handsome man and my husband, but, he uses it wrong, he’s trying to use it as a second line BVR slinger, which it isn’t. ICE requres you to adjust and heavily so. No other top tier plane has the same gameplay as ICE, that’s why it’s a bit tough to understand it on the fly, I got lucky because my usual playstyle is kinda similar, so I got a headstart.

First what do you mean with 10 sec radar setup? 2. thats not a point for the plane . if you dont want to be first at the front flight at a flak or just dont use ab or below 100% throttle. 3. I always give attentions to my rwr and it saved my as already 100th times so i dont care if its more precise. its a nice to have but doesnt makes the plane much better just a liitle bit. 4. The 9L/I isnt something special and you can do the Radar lock tactik with every plane . I already use this tactic since a year so again nothing what other and better FM and weaponery planes cant do. 5. yes the vulcan is nice but many nations have decent guns at this br besides maybe the soviets idk i dont play them still nothing new or special. 6. If you can get to the battlefield and there are still bases left the extra load on your plane is cool but just if all points before are true. 7. idk about the manuverbility but i never got warm with phantoms i hate their FM and everyone will still outclass you in cqc. 8. This is a question of your taste i hate phantoms thexre ugly and cant compete all they can do is beeing a bombsled.

Nineth your 10th point is actually the 9. point and i dont care for the damn skins what are you trying to do here its about the planes capabilitys and performance so skins and the fact from your 8. point with it beeing a phantom doesnt say anything valuable for this matter. Furthermore the F16 Viper Dome Camouflage is and will be the best plane camo for a long time just the Eurofighter Ghost Tiger camo will be better i guess.

I had to Write 1. and 9. out because the writing tool listed it as extra phrases

This is not the usual match with this thing I know, but the good radar combined with the 120’s make it kinda fun to play. It’s a good fox-3 platform that can’t absolutely get nowhere near a close range fight and that’s it imo. Is it gonna last? No, the second germany gets a new toy this thing is going to be forever forgotten, unless gaijin somehow decides to lower it’s BR (which won’t happen imo).

I’ve posted a vid with clapping in a close range fight, 9L-i’s are either busted or just as they’re supposed to be (good). it’s decently manuverable as well + flare dispensers are in a good spot. Not a dogfight ofc, but anyways.

Nah, what make F-4F ICE good is their pilot. Most of german main have well trained with garbage modern fighter since Mig21MF. Even when 21MF being added that plane have no cm, no rwr, very slow compared to F-4E and Bis during that period. even got everything later than other nations.