Gun-port shields on HMS Hood

I´m still baffled that the Hood, despite her overall good armor, explodes from lighter caliber rounds quite frequently. Checking a recent replay I noticed that the gun-port shields are very thin. So “stray” rounds - the literal lucky punch - can enter the turret and cause fatal explosions. They are about 50 mm thick, while other vessels sport 200-300 mm.

Large ships will often be “killed” by small caliber guns when those guns get het last hit before it sinks - even when 99.5% of the actual damage is done by large guns, torpedoes, bombs, etc.

The “Killed by…” message and award of the kill goes to whatever did the final damage - not what did the most damage.

Thank you Joseph. I´m aware of that as well. It´s “healthy” Hoods that light up without any big rounds coming in.