Gun dispersion should be specific to each ammo type

Look at this:

(this is from 1951)

Since nerfing the general accuracy of all 90mm guns that can fire early HEAT shell (M348) is out of question, there has to be a way to assign specific dispersion figures to each specific ammunition type for a given gun.


The dispersion in the game is not real, I have managed to kill tanks with my KV-2 at 1200 meters, however with the 90mm cockerill cannon many times the bullet misses when firing at less than 500 meters.

I agree. More realistic dispersions would be nice.
Also maybe we could have wind in game, witch could introduce also the advantage of ballistic computers, like the Leopard 2’s have irl.

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Leopard 2’s, and all US production tanks from the M48 onwards. The US ones used a direct mechanical input from the optical rangefinder, so they should be able to automatically superelevate once the range has been manually determined by the gunner.

I mean esp the Leopard 2’s have a ballistic computer, that does a lot^^

Sounds like it would make a good suggestion.

Knowing how fast Gaijin works on implementing new mechanics, I have high hopes that my grandchildren might see it happen.

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Well, not much else you can do…