Grumman F4F-3S "Wildcatfish"

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Today i would like to Suggest the F4F-3S “Wildcatfish”.

the “Wildcatfish” on its First Flight


After the first encounter with the A6M2-N, codename “Rufe”, in the autumn of 1942 in the Solomon Islands and Aleutian Islands, the US Navy decided they wanted a Float Plane Fighter aswell.
These aircraft could be relatively easily operated from forward areas without airfields.
The wide expanses of water in the Pacific Theater of Operations combined with the remoteness of many of the combat areas gave float planes, as well as flying boats, advantages over the penalty of additional drag inherent to their design, which their airfield or flight deck dependent kind did not share.
So the Navy went to Grumman and orderd the conversion of a F4F-3 “Wildcat” into a Floatplane.
Grumman then Pulled the F4F-3 with the Build Number 4038 out of the Production Line and send it to the EDO Aircraft Corporation for conversion.
After the work began, the Landing Gear and its Armament were Removed and the Open Ports where covered up, but it retained its Bombracks, 1 under each wing.
After that the Wildcat was fitted with 2 EDO 62-6720 Floats in place of the Landing Gear.
Because of the Floats, the stability of the Plane became poor, to counter this small auxiliary fins were added to the tailplane.

The “Wildcatfish” had its first flight on 28 February 1943.
Performance and Handling was understandably poor with the added weight and underpowerd Engine, and the maximum speed was reduced to 241 mph.

Later in its Development the 4 M2 Browning MG were Re-Installed and a ventral Fin was added under its Tail to further improve stability.

Unfortunatlly the Order of 100 F4F-3S was canceld due to its poor Performance and because the US Navys “Seebeas” proved, that they where quick with the construction of Airfields at Forward Bases.
So there was simply no need anymore for a Float Plane Fighter anymore.

Only 1 Wildcat was converted but was at the Endof the Program re-converted into a Regular F4F-3.


F4F-3S Intitial Form (note the missing ventral Fin)



F4F-3S Revised Form (note the added ventral Fin)




Span: 38 feet (11,58m)
Wing Area: 260 square feet (24,15m²)
Length: 39 feet 1 inch (11,91m)
Height: 18feet 1 3/4 inches (5,53m)

Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-76 Twin Wasp 14-cylinder twin-row radial air-cooled engine providing 1,200 horsepower at takeoff and 1,000 horsepower at 19.000 feet.
Engine had two-staged/two-speed supercharger.

Propeller: Curtiss 3-Blade constant speed, 9-foot 9-inch diameter

Empty Weight: 5,804 pounds (2632,65kg)
Gross Weight: 7,506 pounds (3404,66kg)

Maximum Speed: 241 mph (~387 kmh)


Four .50cal M2 Browning Machine guns with 800 Rounds per Gun

Two 100 lb AN-M30A1 Bomb


Airframe & Miniature No. 22: The Grumman F4F Wildcat (Inc. GM FM-1 & FM-2) – A Complete Guide to Grumman’s First ‘Cat’, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Unknown Book


This is my First Suggestion and i hope i got everything i need.
If someone got more/bedder First/Second hand source i would gladly accept them.
Just put them into the comment Section or DM me on the Forum.

Closing Words:

This would definitly be a nice addition for the US Tech Tree and fill a Similiar Roll to the A6M2-N.
Also i know some of the Rare Naval Player would really like a Fighter Seaplane instead the Kingfisher or PBY-5 for Naval ;) .

I wish everyone a good day o7


I’m waiting this beauty for years !

This has got to be the silliest but deadliest thing I have seen.

+1, more floatplanes would certainly be welcome

+1, it is needed since A6M2-N would have a legendary competition.

would it be foldered with the other F4F,s though?

mayby in a folder with the F2A-1 since i guess its BR would be 1.7-2.0 at its highest.

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