Grouping Missiles into their Respective Categories

[Would you like a lessened and fair grind for aircrafts with missiles?]
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Should this be applied to all aircrafts with missiles or only 11.0 and above?
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For this suggestion, I am proposing for a lessened grind regarding the research of missiles. We all know how tedious and painful the grind is especially for stock jets at 12.0 and above (and sometimes even 11.0 and above), and the problem is exacerbated (made worse) with the introduction of Fox 3 missiles like AIM-120s and R-77s etc.

So here is how it looks like now:


And this is the change I propose:


This not only helps to significantly lessen the grind to get the modules required, it allows complete fairness across all aircrafts and allows for the ability to use any of the missiles unlocked at the player’s choice and option.

For example like the one above, unlocking the IR missile category allows the F-15J(M) to use either AIM-9L, AIM-9M and/or AAM-3 to be able to deal with ever growing threats of top tier. Likewise unlocking SARH missile category would allow aircrafts with AIM-7M or other SARH capabilities to use them immediately without having to go through a 2nd or 3rd module just to get the better version.

I hope everyone can strongly consider and help make this into reality.