Ground Vehicle Pathfinding in CDK Mission Editor

Is there a way to create ground pathfinding on non-ground maps in the CDK? For example, I want to have AI-player tanks on the Berlin air map, but the bots keep running into buildings. I have found Wiki and News postings that make it seem like it is possible to add this feature into a custom mission, but have been unable to do so so far.

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The only way to make ground pathfinding or splines and navmeshes are with the location editor. Location editor levels are only able to be played in Singleplayer. In the mission editor you can do some manual paths with the “create way” and “create waypoint” tools. Creating a way is a general path every unit can use if set to it via the units properties or with a action. A waypoint is more personal. Its for a single unit. You could create a single unit with a waypoint and copy-paste that unit around and the waypoints also copy. This is a good trick when you try to make naval or tank formations that arent columns or rows. Though this uses a lot of the mission size. You could create multiple “ways” and have the units change what “ways” they are following with the “UnitSetRoute” action. How and when they change is up to you.