Ground Vehicle Markers

If someone would be so kind, please point me to an article about ground vehicle markers. For example, when is one visible / invisible. I read the wiki on the subject but, I can’t say it helped.

I do not think there is an article about here. Well with what exactly do you need help (what mode, what situations ect, or just overall compact) , i will try my best to explain it.

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Hello Devil Have been playing WT since 2016 but, took some time off. Just got killed at the start of an Arcade game. Had not shot once. In that situation, I would not think I would not be lit up (and If I couldn’t see the other player, he probably couldn’t see me). And once again I’m complaing about a lack of defined rules. Your advice please.

Ok. I do not have acces to your reply, so i will say that it was one of those things. A blind shot. A drone (idk a br), you lighted up and you got spotted, or you were lighted long enough for the guy to aim where you will probably emerge. All i can do with the data i have.

If you provide a link to the replay for the game people might be able to figure out what happened.

You are immediately visible to the enemy. If someone has line of sight to your location you will be visible and a marker will appear to enemies in the vicinity. Arcade only “hides” vehicles that are not in LOS of an enemy…or are very far away (over 1km at least), depending on enemy stats and your vehicle size.
If you are under 1km to an enemy and can see him, odds are thet you are visible also…and have a marker over you and on someone minimap.
Hiding in arcade is very difficult…
Side note…SOMETIMES vehicles will not appear in external view, but if you look in sight or binoculars it will “always” appear…

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