Ground RB Helipad Anti-aircraft implementation

Recently I played a ground RB match at about 9.0. After spawning once to gain extra SP, I went to spawn in a helicopter. When I spawned, I found out that there was an enemy B0 105 PAH-1A1 hovering over the helipad behind me. Within 10 seconds, he had shot me down without me having any time to retaliate. Looking back at the replay, the heli flew around the battlefield and went straight to our 2nd helipad. The AA of the helipad didn’t seem to deal any actual damage to the heli even when it clearly showed cosmetic damages. This feels like a very unjust way of having the AA implemented. I know it is not supposed to be as strong as the airfield AA, but having it not do any damage is absolutely ridiculous.

Heli base AA never does damage. Apparently, it’s only there to signal that enemy is nearby, along with its direction.