Ground assault arcade

I am an arcade main air. I know for a fact that the lead indicator there is about 400 meters in front of the plane, should it remain on course. This allows for adaptation, letting you know you need to lead by, say, 1/3 in order to hit at 600 meters. So, you can set your convergence there and hit the fuselage at that range with optimum damage.
I occasionally play tanks, but usually only play RB, so there’s no lead indicators in the air or on the ground, but I do play the assault version every day for the bonus boost. Here’s the question: Is the lead indicator for the SPAA set at 400 meters as well? Even though you get the indicator at 2.5km, is it really only 400 meters, like it would be in the air? I can hit those air target reliably when they are less than 1km away and I can see the rounds and they’re heading straight for me, but I can’t figure out the lead.
Yes, yes, practice practice practice. Oh, and if you forget… practice. Just looking for an edge to flatten the learning curve.

No, the indicator for SPAA against aircraft varies. It depends on the speed and direction. For RB, my basic rule of thumb is about 2 inches in front of plane, if they are flying across your path. I usually lead them and keep adding range in front or behind while firing a burst.

If it’s a fighter, let them roll in, thinking they are lining up on a target and then fire at about 1000m or less. For bombers I usually don’t fire unless they are specifically targeting me.

My advice, don’t fire at long range at aircraft unless you have some radar controlled or VT fuze shells.

Main thing in RB is not to give your position away to early, and move out of the spawn. It just attracts planes. Set up somewhere where planes are likely to turn, and if there is more than one, decide which one is either the biggest threat. Just because you a SPAA doesn’t mean you should just fire at all planes in view.

If you do engage don’t get fixated on that one, as good CAS will take advantage and engage you while your attention is diverted elsewhere.

If they do dive in on you, fire just a bit above them and watch for those pilots that jink a bit. Fast firing platforms are the best to learn at. Try to avoid the 40mm slow firing until you feel competent enough.