Ground arcade cas agm help

I have been playing for several years and play all game modes. I have several nations over 10.0 in ground and air. I have played around with guided weaponry in air rb and customs, but i really struggle with agms in ground ab. If i have enough points, i find the fighter and bomber to be self explanatory. At high brs, the attacker plane (not helis, they are fine) can be really hit or miss. Dumb rockets with ballistic computer are great, but any kind of agm is impossible to use (for me). I know there must be some trick, because i see other players firing agm-65s from f5s (for example) and they get kills. I have my air to ground lock hotkey set to spacebar and fire air to ground missile hotkey set to spacebar. This should allow me to go to tv, hit space twice, and then move on. It never works though. What am i missing?

First post on the forums. Thanks for helping.

I would highly suggest that you have seperate lock and fire keys. You must first lock a point/target, then fire. Having both lock and launch as the same button will mess with it and could be your problem. What range are you trying to lock and fire from? The stat cards sort of lie a bit. They may say the launch range is 23km which it technically true. However, past about 5-6km, they will only lock the ground and not the vehicle itself. This means that if they move, you missile will miss.

I’ll try seperating lock and fire. I am trying to engage around 2-3k. Thanks

No problem. Hope it works for you.