Ground AB - Special task Through the Fire not counting plane kills?

I killed 6 light/medium tanks in one game and it only counted 4. Through the Fire says that you need to kill light and medium tank player vehicles. Two of the tanks were with a plane, but it isn’t stipulated that you have to kill the tanks with a tank, so shouldn’t they have counted? All my vehicles were Tier III, and the planes were Tier III as well.

Destruction of ground vehicles and fleets 11 14940 SL 1278 RP
1:44 T1E1-> Sherman Firefly
4:52 M6A1 → T-34 (1942)
6:38 M6A1 → Pz.IV J
7:26 B-17E/L (M6A1) → Pz.IV G
10:09 F8F-1 (M6A1) → M4A2
12:54 M6A1 → T 34 747

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