I think that the gripen C should go to sweden and the gripen A should become a premium because its so early version of the aircraft its actually crazy

The fact that britain is reciving the SAAF gripen C this update is just adding insult to injury. A simple copy-paste would fix this problem, at very little cost or effort to gaijin. But instead we must wait till next patch, to be shafted by gaijin once more.


Gripen A can’t become a premium because there’s no rank 9, and there wouldn’t be for another over 2 years.

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Event veichle should work for it though

Here’s a question.
What do you give Sweden between 11.3 and 13.0?
Please don’t say Viggen D, cause we both know the community backlashed against Viggen A/B because they didn’t have countermeasures.
F-18C would be a higher BR than Gripen C due to AMRAAMs so that can’t be it.
Norwegian F-16? But that’s unconfirmed so that can’t be added.
So… Gripen A. A perfect AIM-9M carrier for Sweden that replaces Viggen D’s position at the top while being a middle-road BR until the much higher BR AMRAAM carriers.

The best option is the JA37D to place inbetween. AIM120s could easly be given to planes at 12.7/13.0 with barely upsetting the balance, and the ja37d could go up to 11.7 considering how stupidly strong it is right now. A 1 BR gap isn’t too much tbf.

Viggen D with AMRAAMs would be 12.7 tho.
I have people underestimating them and over-estimating them.
They’re very powerful missiles. AMRAAMs are to SARHs what the lever gun is to the musket.
THey’ll have flaws, but they do not require amazing airframes to be effective.

I’m good with the Gripen A for Sweden.

This way Gaijin can add later variants at a higher BR further down the road while the UK gets a different plane at a higher BR.

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This isn’t unique, it’s going to be pretty common now that the manufacturing nation gets the basic version and then the export versions are better, the US F-15 is the worst F-15 for example