Gripen weapon cycle bug (also on other jets)

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Some aircraft in the game have a bug were if you carry BOL chaff/flare pods on the missile pylon, it counts it as a distinct missile and does not group it when weapon swapping essentially forcing the player to cycle through the same missile twice, as far as i know its issue is most prevalent in the f16s and gripen. i have attached some photos and a video to hopefully show what i mean. i hope this can be fixed for the aircraft that have this issue with a hotfix sometime soon.
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(when trying to add a video it wont let me because of the file size but I’m sure if you test it you will understand)

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I made a report about this today , support it and press I have the same issue please.

It is about the SU-27, but it’s the same situation. And if they fix it for Su-27, they will fix it for all aircraft.

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i did it just now, i also got some discord homies to hopefully do the same as well. this is such an annoying bug

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They said it’s a “feature” , they can’t say we don’t know how to fix it or we are too lazy for this