Gripen not pulling more then 14G?

I just left the test flight after trying the gripen maximum G overload and it doesn’t seem to be pulling more then 14G,did they do something to the flight model, i remember it doing 18g max what happened?

Flight model got Nerfed, It’s still turning inside every other jet in the game


bruuuuuh,people couldn’t stop crying couldn’t they

Not really, Irl its G limited to like 9 Gs and even then trained pilots struggle past 7 or 8 G


Limit on was 9, switch in the cockpit allowed for 12. In game all jets are able to pull 1.5 times thier normal therefore it should be pulling 18 technically. Although at the moment not like I’ll see 14g either as my pilot keeps blacking out from loss of blood.

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Lots of wrong statements in this thread.

The structural limit of gripen is beyond 12g. It is soft limited to 9g (depending on stores), but by pulling harder the pilot can command 12g loading. This is explained in this paper

Mig 29 had same thing do not expect any buffs as f15 needs to be da Best

I may be wrong but now the gripen is basically the f16 before it got its g limit removed? I don’t think k any jet in war thunder should have one.

The old flight model was clearly extremely work in progress and unfinished. There was no chance of it making to live like that.

Here’s a pilot passing out at 8.4 G’s. We’re spoiled in War Thunder.

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Exactly. I love people demanding to be able to pull 18Gs when such forces would probably kill the pilot lmao

We can already regularly and consistently pull up to 11Gs, even 12Gs for brief moments… and some people want even more!?

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It’s stupid, but it has to be fair. Gaijin use 1.5*(load limit) to determine when the wings snap, and that number can’t be treated differently between airframes. Snapping the wings off is, in a strong field, perhaps the most frustrating mechanic in WT.

Is that why the SU-27 is the plane of the update?

Dafuq? No it isn’t. Before the F-16 got its FM changed it could rarely see 11g.

I’m not asking for 18, I just wish the thing could maybe pull a bit more aoa so I can lose speed quicker as rn it’s amazing for sim but in rb I have an f16 on my ass in an don’t want as he can ditch all his speed in a 180 turn and accelerate up to me while I’m still trying to dump speed.

It’s not about the wings, it’s about the blood, flesh and bone pilot in the plane.

Even 9Gs for more than 2 seconds can be deadly in real life… and we can pull 12Gs with no consequences ingame! Asking for even more Gs is asking the pilot to be Superman lol

Anyway… isn’t Gripen the most agile and maneuverable plane in the game already? Is it even needed to make it even more against all laws of physics and human health?

It is absolutely about the wings, since in WT they snap before the pilot (yes it sucks).

Gaijin was the one who decided 1.5x the limit, not me. But since the structural limit in WT equals the structural limit IRL times 1.5 for every current aircraft (mistakes notwithstanding), that’s what Gripen’s should be too. Gripens IRL structural limit is certainly not 9g, as evidenced by the pilot being able to command 12g by pulling hard.