Gripen C countermeasure pod dispensing only flares or only chaff?

With the new countermeasure slider to pick how many chaff or flare one might want, I noticed on the gripen c for Sweden you can’t allocate chaff and flare evenly and can only get either full chaff or full flare. Are they making it so the pods can only hold one? Am I missing something because I can’t change it to “mixed”

I don’t know how its being handled specifically on the Gripen C, but I know some aircraft in game have countermeasures systems that only fit a particular mix of countermeasures, for example the BOZ pods on the Tornado IDS each carry 28 flares + 540 chaff (for a total of 56 + 1080). I assume they’re going back through some new and old countermeasures system to implement a more realistic count and type split

With any luck. Its an indicator that BOLs are getting an overhaul. Technically, they arent “flares”


Dev server is still being worked on and subject to change, as for the actual pods themselves, I couldn’t tell you.

Just odd to me since before the slider system you could mix them evenly and even now in the live you can mix them evenly. Starting to wonder if it’s a feature or just something that needs to be fixed

That’d be cool, but far too helpful for them to actually be doing.

what are they actually then? IDK about its specifics

Best way to describe it is burning chaff.

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Could have called it spicy chaff.