Grinding efficiently

As title says, how would you grind a tree like China efficiently ? been wanting to grind the nation for a while for the J8 like fighters and the q5s etc. Any way to grind it fast? im close to early jets using the a5c.

The J7E and JH7A of Silver Coin Technology Tree will be a good choice, and the recommended gift package is A5C

China’s early jet planes were not very strong, but there were also some fun ones, such as the Q5I and Q5 (early), which could use their speed advantage to kill enemies, but their machine guns were not very good, and the J7II was also good

I already use the a5c, but i struggle in 10.0 where as i do better at 11.0-12.0, not sure why but i just do better there. maybe i might grind some bombers and talisman those and use said bombers.

Spade the TT vehicles that you enjoy flying, so you get the mod bonuses.

Probably a lesser used method, but i personally used the tu4 with a talisman to grind the mid-upper tier. Once you reach 11.0 talisman the j7e and you’re gonna reach top tier in no time. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the j7d unless its on sale because 70$ is too much imo. Not that its a terrible vehicle but j7e is better. a5c is a snooze fest so I wouldnt recommend it either but its apparently good for grinding. Its a really great tree, and it will only get better as time goes on

grind as far as you can with the A-5C, then either suffer with the F-5E(I just hate F-5s) for a tier until you unlock the JH-7 or buy it outright. Then play that for the rest of the tree, because it’s a gem. I even put a talisman on it which is overkill.

A-5C and premium time is the best way. The Fantan will out dogfight practically every plane it sees when done correctly. What makes it so sucky to play is how it locks up.

would you say, fighting or bombing would be a good way?

go in, drop a base then try to get 1-2 kills.

Being good ^^"
Knowing what you can do with your aircraft

Pay premium vehicule and account. (So 70 dollars for a 7th rank plane and a 3months account [about 75 dollars]) → not in you budget? ^^"

based warthunder players help lmao. Had the a5c for almost a year now.

Good for you, it’s basically a good aircraft (MiG-19 variant) having good missile(Magic-1) for it’s BR

You should be using 9Ps over Magic 1s any day of the week. The lack of range offsets any advantage the magic has over the sidewinder.

Funny,… that you don’t know that both are rear aspect missiles.

The problem is therefore not the range,… but which aircraft would be behind the other first.

After that there is Maneuvrability to consider :
AIM-9P is 20G, max speed mach 2.5
MAGIC-I is 35G, max speed mach 3

Locking range is the same (at 5.5km)–>which offsets your range.

Magic-I could be radar slaved/IRST slaved, as well as AIM-9P if i remember correclty.

However the angle from which you can detect a HEAT source is in favor of Magic-1
Basically if you come from the top, then your Magic-1 would detect the ennemy before the AIM-9P does, because you will enter the Cone of detection before you enter the one of the AIM-9P

And the warhead is bigger on the Magic-I (9.6 kg) than the AIM-9P (7.62kg)

Not sure how you concluded that considering range is always going to be an important metric in any aspect missile shot.

I have used both missiles and have found Magic 1s, whether due to drag, higher pull or what ever, don’t have as much range as the 9Ps.

By all means use what you prefer and whatever works best for you, but I personally have found more consistent success with 9Ps.

The range doesn’t matters,… that’s what i told you, both missiles are able to chase and hit the current target from 5.5km which is the locking range of both missiles.

You try and get a Magic 1 or even a 9P to hit 5.5k out in a tail chase. I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to do it.