Grinding coastal is virtually impossible

Can we just research with bluewater again? Waiting FOREVER for a que to pop is awful. And then you get the privilege of being fodder for blue water anyways. What even was the point of separating the trees if I have to fight bluewater with coastal anyways?

The only logical conclusion I can even come to why things are the way they are now is to frustrate players into buying high tier coastal premiums/boost research to get it over with.


I’m not sure it’s worth it in most cases. As you said, the higher tier coastals can’t compete with anything but reserve destroyers. It used to be great when they were merged and you could play something like the K2 with a coastal spawn.

In my opinion, the only reason to play them is to find the fastest one you can and cap with it, then go back to playing the blue water ships for the rest of the game, and only hop in a coastal if you need to cap. I see very little reason to use anything but a torpedo boat though.

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coastal is the last thing I need to grind out, would really like that +1 preset slot. I’m having matches where i spawn in premium, with premium account, and go like 12-2 and get a whopping 3k RP, and coastal vessels cost way more RP than they should for the rank they are.

It’s just really depressing, and I can sort of understand why heli grind is atrocious because they are at least powerful and there isnt that many, but coastal vessels are just kinda a joke.


Well, regarding current gameplay and matchmaking standard, coastal ship on rank 4 and 5 would a very costly path BUT it does have a reward one day when Gaijin finally adds proper naval firepower that fits rank 4 and more like anti-sub & anti-ship weaponry…

UNTIL then, learning how to beat early Destroyer with rank 2 torpedo boat and rank 2-4 Bluewater Destroyer/cruiser with rank 3 torpedo boat would give player unexpected experience of anticipating enemy’s tactic when facing inferior ship some day…

In Short, try to pick a time to play coastal ship to the point that you have at least 1-2 rank 3 torpedo boat as it also gives player a chance to complete certain task which is very hard to finish on higher BR level WHILE giving players some time to unlock decent rank 3 plane that have either torpedo/rocket and bombs enough to harass rank 1-2 bluewater ship.

At least that’s what zackzooter, the former world weakest player in the game DID to survive harsh war for 2 years…

While there can be a lot of fun with a coastals, I think the grind is waaaay overdone. Did it once for days like a mad man to get the USS Cyclone. Gorgeous vessel. Now I try to figure out what to do with her.

Why is this tagged to “China?”

Grind the higher ones in mixed presets with BW ships… use them to contest cap points that are nearer boat spawns… using them vs BW ships is idiocy - but they rip other coastals to shreds.


I personally believe these TT’s should just be remerged over this poxy split TT’s which are so absolutely arse to research as no warship that squares off against mostly free warships should costs as much as a bloody F-16A especially when the repair are upwards of 20k & ammunition costs are so terrible which can result in constant negative SL matches yet that TT’s woes aren’t got the attention of the wider community.

If we’re to not get a remerge then all vessels should have their RP/SL Requirements halved since there’s nothing high rank about them ntm most of the vessels in these TT’s are in fact bluewater warships especially nearly everything considered a frigate in game (exception Project 1331M ASW Corvettes which are limited to coastal operations with limited bluewater endurance).

Furthermore some actual coastal warships would be nice be it coast gaurd ships or even Coastal Battleships and monitors over the current ocean going frigates like the Type 12 ASW Frigate with it’s raised bow meant for duties in the North Sea as last Time I checked the Cod Wars were at sea not coastlines.

Only one vessel in this whole TT that I think should be removed entirely is the Tacoma class Frigate for it’s a useless ship in game yet costs as much as an F-16.

Even worse is when they split the TT’s they made the coastal TT actual have a worse economy making it much more harder to gain RP & SL especially since sinking low Rank ships give worse gains than simply rank ships ntm Rank IV premiums are way to stupid given the 6090GE costs all while having worse effectiveness is sea battles and worse modifiers then destroyers they can meet at sea for sub 2000 GE.

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I don’t mind coastal. Of 6 crew slots I keep 1 coastal and 5 bluewater. I grinded both trees at the same time. Every match start I spawn in coastal and go for cap, do whatever damage I can do, and move on. Keep a backup on that slot too if you’re specifically grinding that. Sometimes I’ll use the backup to go re-cap a point late game. Not much you can do beyond that. Keep the BR gap minimal. But my favorite is US 5.3 bluewater lineup with the 3.0 PT-565

Mate that’s perfect & a reasonable way of grinding it and as long as you have fun doing it but these TT’s are just pointless post split & I’ve been personally shafted by such split across several nations.

The coastal or as I call them Cost’all TT’s suck because as soon as you hit Rank IV everything starts costing way to much while you fight superior & cheaper adversaries at the same BR’s from the other trees ntm you play with a worse economy then the other TT.

Sidenote for the US go down the the right lane imho when you reach Rank V as the Frigate is absolutely terrible but the landing craft & patrol ship are pretty fun (only exception to the left lane is the PT-810 but only if you don’t have the premium PT-811), That motor torpedo boat is nasty and the Mk.16 torpedoes are evil against most ships.

I really personally hope the NF progession reduction update at the end of the year includes a merge as the separate TT’s suck more [redacted] then a [redacted] [redacted] imo.

Thats true. Coastal boats are too expensive to unlock as soons as they hit rank IV or V. Tenth of thousands RP needed to unlock a single mod. And at this high BR / rank are usually no other boat targets around, cause everyone is using frigates or destroyers.

Also why do we have these high RP requirements for rank IV or V?


Maybe I’m more OK with the slow grind because I don’t really have appreciation for the coastal tree. But I do agree that the high-tier coastal costs too much RP for what you’re getting, but there’s nothing I’m interested in using beyond the 565 anyway. Even at bluewater 7.0 I keep the 565 in for point caps or odd jobs

The amount of research points required for coastal ships is also mindboggling as it cannot be compared to Bluewater, air or ground vehicle battles.

I generally think that naval split was great idea, with a small but: coastal vessels should be divided into 3 tiers and every coastal vessel that uses bluewater spawn (mostly frigates) should be moved to bluewater tree. They could be rank 1 and 2 ships and be matched with research costs of those ranks. There could still be a requirment that you can only grind frigates after completing coastal tree, I really don’t care.

Best use for coastal ships is to make enough points to fly a plane very quickly and then bring suffer on enemy bluewater ships.
What i like with them is that you can capture points when there are only slow big vessels left on the map.
But let’s face it, when the BR comes around 5.0 you can be alone in shallow waters with a ship that can’t do anything to enemy destroyers due to auto firing auxiliary armaments ignoring lines of sight and smoke clouds.
I’m not even talking about maps where coastal boats can be shot by destroyers after a few seconds of play.
The only relief is now you can repair your ship without the repair module to be researched.
I can swear on the Gods that grinding some coastal ships with the previous mecanics had drive me crazy more than one time : First shoot in your weapon, no more weapon (unlike tanks : no repair on a capture zone held by your team). You take a random shot, hop ship on fire, thanks for playing.

To sum up :
I’ve researched all coastal ships in the Italian tree.
I just have the SKR-1 to unlock in USSR tree.
I miss 2 ships for USA & Japan.
I have 3 ships in German tree to unlock.
I have 4 ships in UK tree to unlock.

So I feel like I know what I’m talking about when I write that the balance is a nightmare.
How can Pr 206 be 4.3 while SKR-7 is 4.3 ? Italian Freccia is 4.7 and can’t kill a SKR-7. In what game a vehicle with a higher battle rating can’t stand a chance against a vehicle with a lower battle rating?
M-802 at 3.7 ???
If you need a single evidence that battle ratings do not rely on real data check the German Albatros and Bussard. Same BR. Sure, they are the very same ships. BUT Bussard has 4 machine guns as secondary weapon, not a big deal we could say but, for coastal ship, when there is a secondary weapon, there is the ability to control them, letting the IA handle the primary weapons.
The exact mecanic that has been removed from blue water ships. So in fact the Bussard is way more effective than the Albatros but… same BR.

I really don’t know how the coastal ships could be less a nightmare to play. Maybe by disabling the auto gunners for the secondary or AAA weapons, and force the player to use the keys to mark what the auto gunners should attack?
Maybe splitting the sea with a coastal zone and a blue water zone so players using destroyers couldn’t start the game by picking the shortest path to the shallow waters, searching for easy prays?

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There are some exceptions but high tier coastal is just free food for destroyers or big subchasers