Green Mountain Gaming [gMTg] Recruiting

Green Mountain Gaming is looking to create a more active Prescence. We are anchored in the game of Squad with Warthunder coming in a close second. We play armor, air and ships. We are looking for active, mature individuals. If you are interested please join us

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We have had some great people coming in to our discord from this recruiting page for warthunder. Please join us @ We look forward to seeing you all soon!

We are still recruiting more players for Green Mountain Gaming. Please find us in game and on discord @

Hello Everyone!

Green Mountain Gaming is a community of over 1000 people primarily based in the game of Squad. However we have a very active and loyal warthunder following that we are trying to grow. We hope you will come join us @ Here are some of just a few of the many things we have to offer.

-Based in the Northeastern U.S. and English Speaking
-Committed and involved community leadership
-An arguably even more committed regular player base in both Warthunder and Squad!!
-Active and inviting community for all walks of life
-More Mature 20+ y/o players with a few exceptions
-Female Gamer Safe and Friendly (my wife makes damn sure of it and i do to)
-Players of all BRS and Nations
-Many Top Tier players
-Involved in Ground, Aviation, Bluewater and Coastal!

Hello Everyone! We are still growing and having more active player than ever! Please come be apart of our growing warthunder squadron in the wonder gaming community of Green Mountain Gaming!