Greek Holidays Decals

Its been a really long while of this game’s existence and there is still no Greek holidays celebration , there wasnt even on the 200th birthday of Greece’s Independence from the Ottoman Empire , however , yes think only about other communities . I have that as a complaint there are several thousands of Greeks who play this game and there is still 12 years later no greek holidays celebrations which is fairly unfair . I would appriciate if we saw some Holidays Greek Decals so i can finally feel some patriotism playing the game .
Here is an example of what type of decal i would want : 28th of October , 1940 Greece says “ΟΧΙ” (No) to the Italian and the war begins , its a celebration
i think this one would be a really nice decal

From other hand we could have a really nice loading Screen also like this one

Greek Revolution 1821

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