Graphic issues on Sea Water looks pixelated and objects appears

I have this issue when playing air battles, the ocean water looks pixelated and I dont know why, my card its a RTX 3060 with the latest nvidia drivers ( 551.23 ) released on Jan 18

Please let me know what could be causing to happen this, it’s the only game in wich this happen


im having the same issue and im getting a bit scared since i have a ~4 years old 2060 super and im trying to re-seat everything inside my computer


@Lbarrera @LukeyTWW. Hi, my friends!

We have a report about this, if you can, please upload the following files here:

  1. DxDiag Log
  2. Client Log (clog)
  3. Screenshots taken using the in-game functionality

I will be very thankful if you do. Forwarding additional files to developers can help accelerate the fix.


Hello everyone. I have the same problem. I also have the latest nvidia drivers.

Vonarian thx for answering
I updated my Bug report as graphic one then I sent all those files and screen shoots may you need so you can identify the problem
here is the link:

Graphic [color=#]issues on Sea Water looks pixelated and objects appears // // Issues[/color]

I hope this problem can be solved soon, please keep me updated

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Thx for posting luke and welcome to forum
It’s better if we can keep this post running so other people with same issue can see it and tell us about it

Thanks, added a comment :)

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Ok Vonarian

The new SC has been uploaded, let me know if it’s ok
Thx again

I’m happy I’m not the only one who experiences this, seems like an issue with latest nvidia drivers, I was scared my 4060 starts to fail.

Same here, I just got a 3070 yesterday used and I thought something was wrong. But at least I know that its just WarThunder.

Well , I see gaijing released a new patch today fixing some stuff but still I’m experincing the same glitch with water pixelated on ocean…please people let me know if any one of you still had it

have the same problem since new nvidia driver war thunder update not fix yet

The Issue Hasn’t fixed yet in the new patch

So…people the only solution to this graphic issue its to return to NVIDIA drivers ver.546.65 Jan 17/2024 , until GAIJIN or NVIDIA made a solution for the problem.

I hope they find it very soon

I also have this water glitch both in my 308fe and now in my 4080 Super but since it only has 1 released driver I cannot roll back to anything. Glitch, white water shimmer, is both on monitor and in VR.

I have a similar glitch. If i fly low and zoom in and look at the sea it makes this glitch.

▲ nVidia 3080ti

Yes I know… 3 drivers released by NVIDIA and gaijin hasn’t fixed yet, so I deciced to keep the older Nvidia driver 545.65 , its the only way to fix this issue by the moment

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Have the same issue on 4060