Graphic Issue after Update AlphaStrike

Hey yall,

i just installed the AlphaStrike Update, and my Graphics look super weird, its all very “pixelish” and yeah,… not really nice to look at. Graphic Settings are still the same from yesterday.

Did anybody had the same issues and knows a way to resolve this?


Yes, same issue here. Gonna try adjusting video settings, particularly HDR

Turned HDR off, colors are back to normal, albeit the non-HDR version of normal

Same problem for me, turning off HDR “fixes” it tho.

Thanks for the info mate, did you just turn it off ingame or on your monitor?

On your Monitor or ingame mate? Appreciate it

turned it off ingame

Im having the same issue. No HDR is the way to go until fixed by devs.

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Same problem for me.

Same thing here - problems with HDR

Same issue here. I believe the issue is cause by auto HDR activating from Win11 on top of HDR setting that could be set in game. By turning off in-game HDR fixed the issue, but since auto HDR is much brigther I hope permanent solution could be found.

auto hdr off does nothing.
no other game is doing this.
hdr off in game till fix is the answer that I see working.

What I meant is that before update there was no auto HDR when launching game. And now, after update, auto HDR activates on top off HDR that is present in game. But, yes, the solution right now is to turn off HDR that is in-game.

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same here

I have the same issue