Graphic Glitches are getting out of Hand

I know it already has been reported to the Devs and i made a Report on it as well (where it said they know the issue) but it really is getting out of Hand.

On many Maps the Floor is just missing and i can see through it…or drive through it. Or theres a giant mushy graphic Mountain.



And before someone says it : No it is not an issue on my end, its an issue from from the Game which Devs confirmed and said they know it.

But its a thing since at least around two Weeks where it first started happening.

Those one are the earliest i got from 21st January - i don’t know if the issue existed since before that because i made a short break from Christmas until the 20th/21st

Has anyone had trouble with the colours or brightness suddenly changing?

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Newest NVidia driver causes issues with War Thunder.
If you’re using NVidia revert to a previous known good driver.

Maybe try changing around a bit in the PostFX Settings in the Options? One Update a few Months ago made the Game look really washed out and weird but i turned off Dynamic Lut & Vignette, Sharpness all max and the other two on default and now looks normal again.

Its not just the newest, the problem was with the one before as well. Latest Nvidia Driver is from 24th January but the graphic glitches already happened on the 21st at least thats when i had them happen to me the first time

I’m aware.
I just know there were only 2 maybe 3 good drivers since October of last year.
AMD’s been making better drivers.
Some of it could be game side of course, but gotta fault the GPU driver devs as well.

Since when is AMD making better Drivers, other Games i play like Darktide all struggle with AMD now War Thunder struggles with Nvidia but isn’t that up to the Devs and not AMD/Nvidia to optimize their Game for it?

I can tweak these but I think the game is just trash* on Xbox Series S tbh and even PC players get weird glitches and flying trees and other stuff.

*But having said that I’m nearly rank 90 just from playing ground realistic on console lol

I think the flying Trees are more due to the physics / mechanics in the Game but i get them too occasionally which can be very annoying when the Tree decides to float in front of you blocking vision.

Some Trees/Bushes and even pillars from stone walls/fences refuse to be destroyed and instantly respawn

But they released a Update today saying ‘‘Partially fixed textures disappearing and deformation issues while using the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers.’’

Haven’t played so far again but going to now and see if im getting some graphic glitches again like shown above