GPU Memory Leaks after battles, test drives, etc

Hi there,

I was waiting for a “Air Superiority” update if something changes or the issue gets fixed (saw some other topics about Performance issues).
This issue is only when playing WT, other games like WoW, CS2, R6 and Elden ring has normal memory usage.

After startup memory usage in WT is around 2600 MB game works fine no fps etc., but when I

  • switch between tanks, boats and planes in menu Memory goes up by 100-200 mb
  • go to test drives by 600 - 800mb
  • when playing 1 RB tank battle it went up by 3200mb (after some time in battle random fps drop from 144 to 45-60 fps for 1-3s)
    after all these actions the memory stays at high or max. usage, until you restart the game.(or game crash {dont want to try that}).
    It would be really nice to get a fix for this soon, because I dont want to restart game after every battle I play.
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Might want to also make a bug report here: // Issues

Yup, I have the same problem too. I have to restart my computer after playing WT, because after a while the memory runs out and everything crashes, can’t close apps…