Goodbye, my comrades in the war thunder

I am a player who started playing War Thunder in 2010, which was a holiday before college. After so many years, my account has not been connected to any department. Tell me about my war thunder time. I came to play war thunder because of air combat. I started to play American department, but it was too difficult to play later, and I played British department. A holiday only reached the level 2 plane. At that time, the family was poor and had no money to reset the advanced account. Later, when I was busy studying in college, I basically didn’t play. After graduating from work, I found how poor my family was at work. My colleagues and classmates bought houses at home, and I had to save the down payment for buying a house myself. At that time, I only slept for six hours a day and was busy with my work. Fortunately, in 2020, I finally bought a house after saving, and then began to return to the game, when I talked about a girlfriend. However, because my girlfriend’s expenses are relatively large, I still have no money to buy a premium account, so I can only suffer hard, and then I have busy work and the pressure of mortgage. Two years later, I had a car accident, and my girlfriend told me to break up with me, without telling me any reason. At that time, I was one day short of the task to play the active IS-2, but I could only do nothing about the white wall in the hospital. I spent about 100,000 yuan in my two-year relationship, and when I broke up, there was basically not much hospitalization in my bank card. After I was discharged from the hospital, I began to work hard because I lost my feelings, and finally I could afford to buy a senior account. However, in the face of the global economic downturn, I could only work a few more jobs to ensure my mortgage. So I don’t play many games, but I especially want to fly a top Russian plane. MiG-29 and T-90 are my dreams! However, it is still very difficult to play by yourself. In the game, either a bunch of plug-ins can’t beat it at all, or their level is too poor. Try to buy some paid vehicles, and you won’t fight. It’s basically free.
In October this year, I found someone to help me with my experience. I hired a person near my home to try my experience on my computer. I used Be-6. It may be that I played too much food and played for too long, so I was officially banned, saying that I used a plug-in. I told the customer service that I didn’t use a plug-in and said that I could cooperate with them to check my computer. The official didn’t agree. So I can only bid farewell to my comrades in the war thunder. Although we may have only played in the game, maybe I am the silly teammate beside you, or maybe I am the silly opponent who keeps giving you heads across from you.
But I really want to play MIG-29 and T-90.
Some netizens said that I would not open a new number again. I sat down and thought about it. It takes about 10 million experience to open a department. If I don’t have a premium account, I can call about 10 thousand experience an hour, so I have to call for 1000 hours, about 42 days. If I have a senior account, the time will be halved, but such continuous entertainment in front of the computer will be impossible for me to repay millions of mortgages. I still have to find a wife and raise children.
So many years of game time and a lot of game recharge are also worthy of my recognition of War Thunder, although I still haven’t played the dream vehicle for so many years.
Finally, I bid farewell to everyone. I hope everyone will have fun with the game, but at the same time remind everyone to pay attention to life. Don’t learn from the electronic drugs that I made my life a mess because of the game. I feel that gaijin blocked my account and let me get rid of it.

A lots of very strange stories and arguments in online games are based on having someone else (hired, brother, girlfriend, etc…) using our account. This will ultimately end with someone saying your “firend” used a “plugin” and you saying it wasn’t possible. I am not aware how they check for “plugins”…but i am pretty sure a lot of players play for long hours…so i am guessing/hoping there is more than this to the verification…
I think the account rules say you cant share the account…and even this being somewhat “debatable”…the account itself is what devs check…and apparently your account was found using a “plugin”, and you cant be sure it wasn’t so…
TBH…once you use the “it wasn’t me” card, i always become very sceptical…you may be one of the few that was victim of a false positive…but the story is impossible to accept without a lot of doubt…In short…you wanted to progress faster, you gave access to someone else and you were found using a plugin…i am sure you can see how this looks…



When people use the “I wasn’t on at the time” excuse, I immediately call them out.

Its a 9/10 chance he’s lying trying to get some attention.

Plugins, what plugins?

Read what GhostSoph said

Game was released in in 2013. . . . . .


this is someone who just didn’t get the memo

Wiki say 2012 and WT had a long Beta. Gaja Entertainment begun developing Warthunder in 2009

Source: Wikipedia

no-one was playing in 2009.

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Oh, you’re right. I really thought the Beta was earlier. Of course, no one played WT in 2009 but i thought 2012 the Beta starts

that sounds about right.

I want to audit the Department of Plugins.

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