Good BR's/Lineups for Russia GRB?

Bought at 10.0 lineup last sale and I’m working through both trees. What BR’s should I stop at and play along the way? 4.7 seems strong, I’m not sure what to play around 6.7 because I know that BR can be a blackhole (6.0 and up Germany guarenteed uptiers every match for instance).

Looking for 3 ground vehicles + 1 CAP and 1 CAS plane.

Russia air tree also seems really lackluster to me, Yaks seem fun to fly, but until later their armament seems mid/poor. After the SU6 I don’t really see any dedicated CAS planes until what 9.3? Frogfoot has been a lot of fun, but would be cool if russia could get something like the f111? Or even something like a phantom at those lower BRs (10-11). Any advice on highlights for the tree would be appreciated.

Well you haven’t specified what BR, but with Russia there is no limit to the amount of lineups you can create that will be good. Gaijin has ensured the Russian tech tree is never short changed to the point of complete Russian bias. Against Germany or US in the 6.7 range, you can bounce shots with the T34/44s. The biggest problem with most Russian vehicles is gun depression.

Tanks mid tier, Object 268, SU-122-54, IS-3, Obj 906 and on and on…

CAS low/mid PE-8 (a few years back dropping the big bomb could clear entire grids due to the coding), TU-2s, LA-9, some of the IL series, or Yak 9UT

For 7.3 I play:

BTR-80, T44-100 (good reload/decent gun), M53/59 (SPAA) and SU 9 or 11.


ZIS-30, SMK, ZIS-12, Yak 9B (4x bombs)

There is endless combinations and with Russia you get decent SPAA options through out, unlike some other countries.

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8.7 vehicles in my opnion are one of the bests:

T-55AMD-1 as your main,
T-55AM-1 as secondary (optional as it’s a premium vehicle) or Object 685,
BMP-2 or T-10M as tertiary vehicle,
ZSU-37-2 (mid/long range SPAA) or ZSU-23-4 (optional, short range SPAA)
Su-7, IL-28Sh as CAS or Su-11 (optional as it’s premium vehicle) or even MiG-15bis ISH (even as a premium, it combines the good fighter as MiG-15 is with decent CAS capability, it features CCIP for rockets, which is rare in soviet tech-tree in this BR)

4.7 is good with the t34-57, KV1 (zis5), ASU-57 or ISU-152 with the LA-7 for CAP and PE-2 for CAS (or PE8, but I prefer a more maneuverable plane and not having to worry about TKing half my team)
6.7 you have the IS2 1944 which is very good, the t44 is decent but its gun is pretty lacking at its BR unless you flank and the 2s1 and 2s3m which are very powerful (just dont try to use proxy fuse rounds on ground targets, I see that a lot and it doesn’t work as the proxy fuse explodes the round before impact) then you have the Yak-15 as an excellent fighter and TU-2S as cas
8.0 you have 2 t-54s and the object 906 with the mig 15 and tu-14/ IL28s
8.7 as mentioned above
9.3 has t-72A, T-64A and 2S25 with mig 19 or 21 and su7 or Yak-38m

I use the TU-2S- 59 from 5.7 until 7.0 it works fine, but is a bit pain on the maps that have been expanded for jets, then at 7.0 I switch to the SU-9 then the MiG-15 Bis at 8.3 (well I have the mig 15 bis ISH but I dont think you can get that anymore)

Try the SU-17/22 and Mig-27s, they are about the closest in terms of high speed bombers

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Thanks for the info, crazy how I thought Germany was lacking, and here theres about half the amount of good lineups in comparison it seems.

No problem, there are a lot of other line ups obviously, those are just the ones I tend to play the most. Also I tried to stick to pretty solid line ups where everything was the same BR and not use any event, battle pass or premiums which can create good line ups at different ranks depending on what you have.

Still kinda trying to decide what to pick between ~6.3 and 7.7

Im looking at your heavy tanks between there and tbh they all look awful. All the IS series except the first one has terrible 30 second reloads, and armor that until 7.3 or 7.0 if you count the casemate can reliably stop even panther rounds. The casemate also seems to have half the reload.

CAS at these BRs seems like you have to take severly undertiered options and your jets look terrible until su11 which is a premium until what 8.0 till you see anything with good ground options which is again a premium. Taking into account what jets I can bring in this br bracket also adds a headache.

I feel like right now 7.0/7.3 might be superior to 6.7 just because the non heavy vehicles and jets seem better. T44 100 seems like a massive upgrade for just .3 BR more. The IS casemate at 7.0 seems better than the actual IS series. BTR 82, insane SPAA etc.

Are the late war heavies as miserable as they seem on paper?

This really puts into perspective for me how good the German tree really is.

You can it’s a GE premium now

Ya thats the 8.0 premium i was talking about. Expanded CAS options and superior to the TT one at the same BR

yeah, those reload times are painful especially compared to the tiger 2 that has the same pen (just different flat vs slopped armour pen), a far higher velocity and triple the reload speed. I honestly forgot to consider crew skills for someone that’s starting fresh in a TT. I have my IS-2s maxed and experted that makes it somewhat bearable.

I remember them being pretty good, but Gaijin has added ALOT of annoying little HEAT cars like the raketenautomat at around 8.0 since I played was playing them.

4.3 with pe 8

For Russia I enjoy this 7.3 lineup:

BTR-80 - 30 mm APDS (once spaded) is good enough and is a good counter to the Fox, XM800 and Marders/Weisels, and is a decent SPAA. It does handle like a bus so be aware of your surroundings (like turning in urban areas) and have a plan where to move

T44-100 vice the IS-3 - reload and handling

M53/59 (SPAA) - good pen and good firepower against air and ground

SU 9 or 11 - I have the 11 but the 9 is probably almost the same, but it is a jet and decent against most early period jets

Just ensure your BR lineup is close to the same all the way through, so you can deal with uptiers based on the highest BR in your lineup. In my 7.3 it can handle the 8.3.

I have the IS-3 and may place it in my lineup, but it’s not always the greatest due to the gun. Sure the armor is decent, but against HEAT-FS and ATGMs, I prefer the T44-100 for the faster reload.

They’re good, but once you know their weakness they are the same as any other tank. The Maus can be a problem if you don’t have a platform that can pen them.

Everyone is going to have an opinion on what they enjoy and a lot of that is based on their own playstyle.

That is a very minimal lineup, if you want a good lineup just get as many slots as possible and fill them with a mix of different vehicles at similar BR…

leveling ground crews is annoying/expensive, 3 spawns on the ground and a plane is going to cover you for 90% of matches.

Im having trouble even finding good lineups with those restrictions.

Speaking of I’ve been looking a lot and I think this 5.0 lineup to me looks like about the best there is for ww2.

Premium t34 57 (i know its 4.7 but this is the best 3rd option, and its honestly fine at 5.0?)
KV 85
SU 85m

IL 10 1946 for CAS
and then I225 for CAP

The weaker canons on that IL10 still pen like 80% of tanks top down, you get a 20mm tail gunner and 4 canons instead of 2. I225 looks like a lot of fun, and it actually has the ammo count to stick around for a while doing CAP unlike the yaks which have enough ammo for like 2-3 planes with my aim.

Going up to 5.3 would get you the heat slinger time traveling thing, but not really much else, no new planes, and the t34 85, which you kinda already have at 5.0 with the kv 85 sans mobility.

Im just trying to figure out what WW2 BR is the best to start out with. I did try 2.7 just to play the IL 2 37 but uptiers with those weak canons on the ground stuff was not fun.

I think it comes down to the MM too, idk how bad/good 5.0 is compared to 4.7.

Actually which 5.0 fighter has the best low altitude performance? I225 vs yak3/9?

I want to pick one for CAP and since you will spend most of you time on the deck to spot people easier and not be spotted performance their matters. I was excuted for i225 but i realized the yaks at 5.0 finally get respectable guns.

The yak-3p is awesome! I’ve just recently got it and was able to spade it in 3 games easy. Would highly recommend. But idk about the 225, I’ve never played it

Ya ill try it tonight. Kinda miserble grinding with the su25k though. New br changes gonna make it worse. I feel like if this thing had aim 9ls instead of r60m id have about 2x more kills.

Not really interested in mig23 either. Hoping for a fun high tier premium.