Golden Eagles

Hey guys,

Does somebody know if it is possible to get Golden Eagles for free?
Maybe by watching advertisements, like other games, or something else?


I got golden eagles for free a few times from a loot box ingame, but it was like 100 GE per year.

Another option is through invitation links to people, if they keep playing the game afterwards.

Also, if you decide to buy GE do it on warthunder web to get better price and don’t forget to use some youtubers link to get discount as well.


Have you made me curious with these links from the developers, how does it work and where does it fit in when buying gold or how?

So there is no other way to get them for free?

It is possible to get them without spending money, if it is that what you mean. But not without spending efford.

Like I spend ~50.000GE during the last sale but didn’t pay money for them.


By selling prizes on the gaijin market.

And, how do you get prizes?

You take part in events and get them there.If you look at the market, most vehicles are event trophies.

Maybe this is a stupid question, but do you have to win it to get these prizes

When you visit some youtubers channel, they usually have those links in the description.

When you click on that link, it will redirect you to warthunder store website, but everything is with 3% discount and you also get the decal of that youtuber, if you buy something.
That youtuber also get some money from your buy, so you can support them that way.

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Here is the description of the last event where you could get a sellable vehicle.

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Hey, thanks for your help bro! You were very helpful to me.

I would say not really, there is an Android app that let you get some GE but certainly not worth the time and effort on what you get, if you really want GE there is also survey’s that gives you like 5-15 GE, I would say just work snd buy GE

Anyone who reads this have an amazing day (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

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Whats the name of the App?

Im not sure but you’ll see it if you type in Google Play golden Eagles

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In the game you can also activate some bets and if you win xx games in a row you can also get GE

Just a quick advise…be careful with apps and sites that claim to offer GE (or vehicles) if you install or use something…i recall some people complaining about frauds on this in the past…

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The bets I’m talking about are an in-game thing… you get them in the rewards.

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No longer…