Glitching-stutering when in gun sight while turning

When turning or driving over rough terain the gunsight starts stutering and makes shuting on the moove inposible.

That’s not a glitch.

I tested it with my friends and they don’t have this happen on any tank its completely clear like they would be driving forward but my screen gets completely blurry.

It’s the most annoying thing it is something that I haven’t seen anywhere else I can show it to you I cant find the solution anywhere else on the internet.

Probably frame dropping because the GPU or your OS doesn’t like some setting you have or you’re asking too much of it (settings to high). Try reducing your graphics settings and see if that fixes it.
All these bells and whistles Gaijin keeps adding to the game is bogging down anyone not running top end hardware.

je i had the same idea bt iven on minimum setings its the same thing and i have quite high end hardwere bt it dosent mater still everithing gets blury