Glitch Graphic in Ground Realistic air

In some matches it is happening fro

m the ground, in some parts of the map there are texture or graphics glitches that started after the Sons Of Atilla update. I’m going to leave some screenshots of these glitches and I hope that other players report the same thing, as my video card is new and has no chance of having any defect.

So what have you done to try fix this?

So friend, I posted the problem here to report the bug because I’ve already done everything and it didn’t solve the problem. So the problem is due to the new update and not a problem coming from my computer.

The first thing to always do is verify the game files in the launcher, did you try that?

Yes, I did and I even thought it was my video card drivers but I updated everything possible and it still hasn’t been resolved. My video card is new and has not had any defects in it in less than 6 months of use. The problem came after the Sons of Atilla update.

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That’s good, but yea, just because it has hit around the update, doesn’t mean it is definitively the update.

And just because your card is new doesn’t mean it’s not that. Did you change out the card you had prior and clear out the drivers completely? That DDU /Display Driver Uninstaller is something to really use at times if you are upgrading/changing your graphics card.

I formatted the computer completely and after that I sent it to a service to clean it to remove the dust from the components and they updated the drivers and the like to the latest for my video card, again I say that it is not my video card. Video of the problem and I return to say that the problem came after the update. If you are in doubt, there are several cases of graphical bugs that appeared in other updates, such as the one in which the trees were like ‘‘minecraft’’, covering or even completely covering the region they were in for both allies and enemies.

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Nice to see you’re thorough… I see many just slap things together and assume it’ll all work, and it does, until it goes crazy ;)