Giving F-4C AIM-7E

This aircraft is in a sad state and is usually easily countered by most things at it’s BR range, especially if it’s unfortunate enough to get in an up-tier. Giving the F-4C AIM-7E will help push players going high altitude where the plane is most effective instead of trying to bomb bases where inevitably you become an easy target at low altitude. The AIM-7D’s are pretty antiquated since you need to be in a certain launch envelope to use them and they can be easily dodged since they are limited to 15G’s. Ironically I see the MiG-21S doing a better job with it’s R-3R’s that sit at 9.7 even if they are shorter range missiles. I believe this is a balanced solution since the plane doesn’t get any flares, it’s not that speedy except at it’s top speed which you hardly get to, it’s not maneuverable, it’s big, it’s hot, and overall it’s just a very mediocre plane. AIM-7E’s will definitely give it a boost in efficiency if the pilot plays it correctly.

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Recently there was a heated discussion about the possibilities of reducing F4C br and balance
No one mentioned the possibility of giving it an AIM7E (which was used on the F4C and on the Navy F4B)
Good point, this would give the F4C some breathing room since decompression is a no no.