Give USA MiG 29c

Add a MiG to the us tech tree.I mean we bought 21 MiG 29s from Moldova.Sooo maybe we can see a U.S. MiG 29 in the future? Please warthunder.

Article where I got the info:U.S. Buys Moldovan Aircraft to Prevent Acquisition by Iran | Arms Control Association.

There’s no precedent to adding PMC/non-service [production]/aggressor aircraft to War Thunder.
That and we have F-16s.

Man its like asking for every nation of the game to have an F22 because they faced it in trainings.

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I want r60 tho

I agree with you, USA absolutely should not get the MiG-29
But the KVT kinda does set a precedent for aggressor vehicles used for training.

I mean what about the f5c

Progress Sweden, Soviets, or Germany then.

@TyTheGuy27 M1 is produced by USA, and was part of our reserves until the 1990s.

Because the plane was never used for anything besides exercise OR analysis → no real use → no armement on it excpet maybe som 9L or M for training purposes that’s all. At this rate there is multiple example like this like Give an F15C to all NATO+taiwan nations because they considered buying it and some even had one decorated to their colors, same goes for F/A 18C. You request is just irrationnal.
F 22 was used for training purposes and everyone arround the globe would like to purchase some tu study it which considering your source and your way of asking it enough credit to my argument to give an F22 to every nation.

F5 was used in operations and not solely for training

I mean I just want a U.S. MIG 29 even if it only had aim9ls.also adding the f22 is already out of the picture for now adding a U.S. MIG 29 is more realistic and reasonable

Here lets make things simpler its like addingh a French Mig 21, no point in it and it would have nothing to do here but at some point an order almost was made to purchase some of the aircrafts. That’s just stupid. Plus let’s admit they do that but equip it with Russian armament it only means that USA gets to posess the biggest quantity of Bias of this game is this fair ? No. So your request/suggestion is irreasonable

Same time an Iranian F-14A gets added to the USSR tree. ie, never.

Did I not say even if it has 9ls it would still be a cool addition

Bro i think you lack basic common sense thats just it. Plus you jsust discarded your own suggestion because you said “even without fine armament it would be a fine addition” but a premium or event vehicle that is just heree to stand as a “decoration” will never be farmed/bought by players except maybe you because it has no advantages so nio money for gaijin so no addition. At this point there is already a lot more chances for an F15 to come to all nations of the game than your Mig 29 to be added.

MiG 29 has great maneuverability and a great radar good speed and good energy retention why wouldn’t you want it? Plus you give it amazing American OR Russian armaments and boom you have a new top tier contender

If you just created this thread because you want to fly a Mig 29 without having to grind the USSR tech tree than you can just close and delete this thread because Mig 29 is never gonna go out of USSR/Germany TT for such dumb reasons. Go grind and stop whine

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Faker plane than all russian protos added to the game LMAO you really are a special one continue your opium delirium i’m outta here.

Only person whining here is you idc whether they add it or not it’s a SUGGESTION

I’m sorry I’m game is it not what I said it was please tell me