Give the Zerstörer Anti Air the 20mm quad turret and 3,7cm turret as modification and rename it möbelwagen

It would be nice if the turrets on the zerstörer/möbelwagen would be swappable. The turrets are both already ingame.

The 3,7cm turret should get hvap round which is already found on the Stuka G2 (would add around 100mm pen flat but bad angle pen).
The 20mm turret is a little bit weak at 6.0 but due to it being optional it wouldn’t be a problem. It could receive a faster reload and turret turn rate than the wirbelwind.

Pictures of the 3,7cm and quad 20mm versions:


  • I would like this addition
  • I don’t think this addition is necessary

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(sry corrected the poll and it removed all votes. It was 2 for this suggestion and 2 against it)

OOoooorrrr, better idea, give us another one called the möbelwagen with the option of the quad 20s and 37. Or two seperate foldered. Slightly lower br than wirbel/ostwind because less protection and done deal


I mean a suggestion for the 37 Möbelwagen allready exists and i made one for the 20mm which is still awayting approval.
Tho they could give the 30 a gunshield, i suppose they based it off the 3 cm Vierling picture where it is in an unmounted transport status, so without the shield, but can have one.


No thanks lmao. I’d rather them all be separate vehicles.


Or, crazy idea, add them all as separate vehicles instead of just modifications?


I do think more ground vehicles with such options should be a thing especially if it impacts BR and removes the need for nearly identical vehicles up to a point tho.
The TOG2 has been a great example of that , they could have done a separate version of one pattern but they chose the QOL way by giving it all in one package thus removing the need to grind/buy essentially the same thing multiple times.

And removed the ability to have two of them in a lineup at once, and to customize them differently, and locked them together at the same BR.

Grouping what could be unique vehicles into mods is a massive negative; the few (and very temporary) pros are drastically outweighed by the cons.

See: Ki-43-I, which should be three different vehicles. Three different vehicles at different BRs so they’re all viable. Three different vehicles for use in lineups. Three different vehicles that can all have their own customization.


I get your points but I really believe the other options of the mobelwagen never come to the game if not this way.

The Mobelwagen quad 20mm and 3,7cm are not priority if there are better options like the wirble t-34, 5cm flak etc.

Making 3 mobelwagen vehicle would clutter up the tree aswell which makes them more unlikely.

The quad 20mm mobelwagen would be maybe 3.3 and there is already another anti air.

The 3,7cm mobelwagen would be the same br as the 3,7 truck.

Why does the Zerstörer have full HVAP belts but the Kugelblitz doesn’t lol?

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