Give the f15j the right radar

The F-15J uses the APG-82(V)1 radar, so why does it have the APG-63?

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Sure, let’s give it AESA because of ongoing, in 2023, modernization.
Don’t be silly.


It is supposed to have the APG-63 with TWS

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Why is there so much misinformation and misconception about the F-15s?

No it doesn’t have APG-82, that is for the F-15J super Interceptor variant which is still in development.

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The early F-15J models are almost identical to the F-15A in both radar and engine. Even the cockpit is the same.
The F-15J you are imagining is post-J-MSIP.

In the game we do not have the “early F-15J” but the F-15Js with AAM-3, you should be more careful to not post disinformation.

I feel sorry that I have to point out this mistake as well but… it is based on F-15C, it’s literally a modified version of C made by Mitsubishi and later upgraded futher more. It’s not A my dude…

He didn’t say it was an A. He said it is essentially equivalent to an A with MSIP upgrades, which it is. The big difference between A’s and C’s is fuel tanks. Ever radars are equivalent, depending on what point in time you are looking at, until the AESA mods began to happen


The radar went through many upgrades in its life.
The F-15J we have in game is a ~1986 version
So it should have TWS.


I never said the radars in game are equivalent, thought they could be if they wanted to model them as such and it would be historically accurate.

the US f15 is a MSIP upgrade so it should get a better radar as well