Give t-80b the 1985 version armor

ussr tt has 3 "t-80"s in 10.x, obj 292 at 10.0, the new added t-80ud at 10.0, and, t-80b at 10.3. but if we take a close look at their armor, we’ll all find that t-80b has a different armor than the first two, and thats because its a 1983 version, while the other two have 1985 version.

when t-80bv was suggested, it was expected to have the 1985 version armor, however when t-80bv was eventually implemented, gaijin just simply added kontakt-1 to it, retaining the 1983 version armor.

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if you want to say, “ussr is too strong! we shouldn’t improve them anymore!” and use that as a rebuttal, i won’t deny your claim. you can certainly say that the ussr is too strong, but I can also argue that some of its vehicles aren’t good enough. if you guys insist on that, I still won’t contradict you because the ussr vehicls are just so strong that it makes the rest of its own vehicles look like jokes. give t-80b the 1985 version armor plz.


if you’ve played t-80b, i think you’ve all suffered from its poor pitch angle and the gun’s extremely slow response, making it unable to kill the enemy at some critical times (something that wasn’t improved on any of the mbts before t-80bvm). also, t-80b’s turret lacks effective shielding, and all of these factors force t-80b players to be on open plains (and sometimes even on ridges) and take hits from everywhere, or to not be able to quickly target the enemy’s weak points and get killed in urban combat.