Give Rhodesian FGA.9 Hunter it’s historical flag

Give Rhodesian Hunter FGA.9 Historical flag. That’s it. That’s the fix that’s needed.

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I don’t quite understand… That flag never was on the Hunters, and the roundels in WT afaik fit the ones the aircraft had IRL…

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I assume they mean for the statcard. Currently it has the flag of the United Kingdom in the background


Aaaah, that makes sense.


I think the issue is that Rhodesia was never recognized by any country ever, so “legally” it was still a British colony. One of the rather interesting political things in War Thunder. I remember there was a whole uproar when they sold the plane during Zimbabwe Independence Day.

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Reported it 4 months ago

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Officially nobody supported it (out of fear of similar sanctions) but Portugal, Israel, Belgium and South Africa all provided support during the Bush war namely oil from Portugal and Arms from Belgium