Give ostwind 2 and corelian 32 hvap rounds for self defense similar to the gepard

Ostwind 2 and corelian should get a few hvap rounds for self defense. 49 mm pen can’t even pen sides of most medium tanks. Result is that you stand in spawn and can’t really defend other tanks from planes well.
Ammunition should still be limited because main task is still shooting down planes. I think 32 rounds (2 belts) should be enough. 16 would be an option aswell

This ammo is already in war thunder for the ju87 g1


I would write a suggestion if community approval is good.


I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.


Before we give anything to the Coelian, we must first have it given back to the players.


Didn’t remember that there was already a topic. Hope gaijin could limit the belts ostwind 2 and corelian gets to a small amount. Then both could stay at their br

if youd compare the ostwind’s with other AAs at around its BR then they should stay at the BR even if they get a Full HVAP belt. M19/42 get a full 72mm AP belt. russia has one at 3.7 with a full 70mm belt. Italy has a full 90mm AP belt, France a 3/4 shots 90mm belt and sweden a 2/4 shot 90mm Belt. all of that is around the same BR as the Ostwind and Ostwind II. my guess is that they put the Ostwind II at such a high BR because its the only AA around that BR that shoots APHE.

The swedish have SAPHE with more pen.