Give F-111A AIM-9E

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imo it depends, AIM-9e shouldn’t move it up IMO because they suck (Also only 2 more than the 9.7 F105). But AIM-9J would almost certainly mean 10.7 possibly 11.0 and without its extensive ECM capabilities modeled, up tiers would be rough especially without additional CM pods.

Oh, and evidence of AIM-9E possibly P/J capability as well

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AIM-9Es probably wouldn’t make it go higher.

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Ehhh, maybe. I don’t think it should be moved up because of Es but you know…snail logic.

Js on the other hand would probably get it moved up. Again, I’m not trying to say if it should or shouldn’t get them. Just that I worry it might be moved up.

But yeah, Aim-9Es shouldn’t warrant a BR move up IMO but who knows.

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Yeah, I agree. The 111 is a bit to fast for 10.3. 2x AIM-9Js would by no means be too op for 10.7, but 2x AIM-9Js and 4x AIM-9Es probably would. For that reason, the 9Js would probably need to be mutually exclusive with other sidewinders in custom loadouts, at least on each wing.

I actually quite like that idea. Missile options being 2x AIM-9B (stock), 6x AIM-9B, 6x AIM-9E, or 2x AIM-9J would provide versatile missile loadouts with accomodations for both a more aggressive playstyle (spamming 9Es into a furball) or more cautious one (sniping a pair targets with 9Js). At the same time, there would be smooth progression from stock to spaded and the vehicle would not be overpowered in A2A- still more of a bomber than a fighter. Just now with a bit more bite.

I completely agree with you.

at 10.7, x2 9Js and x4 9Es would be nothing special. 9Es are extremely easy to beat kinematically. 9Js are the only threat and nearly every aircraft in its BR bracket has CMs.

9Js are a non-issue the community is confused on, they are defensive in nature and dont really pose a threat to anyone paying attention.

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You’d hope they would have researched this and seen the different AAMs it could get, so there must be a reason for Bs at 10.3. Not exactly like Gaijin likes bullying the US at the moment, so if its got Bs, its got them for a reason (you’d hope at least)

Gaijin isn’t known for doing the most in-depth research in regards to what weapons aircraft can carry…

Usage of AIM-9E, J isn’t particularly well documented on the Vark-A, F-16C lacks its triple rack paveways (Despite having the usage-restricted triple mavericks), German MiG-29s are just incorrect (Reunification happened before the R-27Es even entered service), etc.


This true, just look at the Gay Archer, was up for less than a day when everyone pointed out they’d modeled the Civilian rebuild not the actual WW2 version


look the canards the lower image has the 9E and the first image the 9J

Yeah, it’s nothing remarkable. But remember that the F-111A at its heart is still essentially a fast bomber. It’s not really meant for interception.
What its secondary armament excells at should be ground pounding (50x 500lb) not A2A.

Plus (and this might just be me) having 2 IR variants of the same missile in a loadout just seems somewhat strange. Especially if one type is restricted to certain pylons despite there being no technical limitations for mounting them on the other.

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Don’t forget R-13M1s, which never left the Soviet Union

Only in war thunder does USA have to ask nicely to get weapons aircraft or tanks actually used because derr its too good for game… And in this case absolutely Ardvark should get them


The German Mig-29 gets access to them due to the Russian one which is the case for a lot of vehicles in game.

M1 replaced the base R-13 in game.

I think the lower image has AIM-9Js too

All images show 9Js, it was the most common A-A weapon that photos are avaialable for.

If the F-5C can remain at 10.3 with AIM-9Es and the Yak-38 can sit at 9.3 with R-60s I see no reason why the F-111A cant stay at 10.3 with 9Es.


10.3 and AIM-9Js, A-5C with two magics is lower.


A-5C has 12% the payload capacity of the 111A, far lower speed, and only 18 countermeasures (9 flare+chaff usage maximum)