Give american jets a better aim7

give stronger aims for f15 and f16c it would be a temporary mesure before aim120 comes out


The AIM-7M is good enough for top tier as the planes carrying said AIM-7M have better radars than Russian counterparts, adding a new radar missile would cause an imbalance.

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No, what causes imbalance is the current R-27ER vs Aim-7M. The AIm-7M is simply obsolete agaisnt a 27ER. Now the Su-27 has access to 6 of them + 4 R-73s. The Aim-7MH/P could be added right now and allow the russian mains to keep their supremacy, just a tad bit harder.


In a BVR situation with F-15 and Su-27, the F-15 wins purely because of its better radar and being able to launch earlier than the Su-27 and I know this because I have tested it in custom battles, not only that with Russian radars being worse than their USA counterparts their easier to notch and not get hit by the missile, this is the trade-off you get with USA radar missiles, better radar and slower missile whereas Russia gets faster missile but worse radar.

In BVR , Mig-29 SMT can notch its opponent while guiding its missile , it can losse lock and regain said lock , radars are almost the same , they are both good enough that it wont matter

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I thought we was talking about the F-15 and Su-27 no?

Even then the radars are not finilised , if Su 27 can lock F-15 beyond 25 km , it can it will launch its missile , Aim-7 has a hard cap for launch range if i remember correctly that R27 does not

Asking for Aim-7P is to give US jets missiles that wont explode 3 seconds after the lock is


The Radar difference in war thunder is barely noticable. It’s very rare than the F-15A manages to launch before the Su-27 launches its R-27ER, because of the missile superior range. Even if the Eagle manages to launch the missile, the R-27ER will reach its target faster because of its greater speed. That was the whole point of the missile, be fast to destroy the enemy aircraft before the Aim-120A could go active. The superior G load of the R-27ER helps a lot too(35G), meanwhile the Aim-7M’s 25G are ridiculous compared to them.

Yeah, that’s the main issue. The F-15A radar (currently, on the devserver) is too weak and loses lock easily, the Aim-7M also just goes ballistic sometimes. The F-15A we got right now got the MSIP upgrade, so it should get the AN/APG-63 PSP capable of launching amraams, even if we don’t get amraams this patch.

Well no, the only thing it F-15’s radar does better is 10km more range which is useless because its missiles cant go that far, it also has a wider search pattern but has less vertical search. while the russian radar has more modes, including HMS and TWS. the f-15 also has head on velocity search (i think that just tells you the speed of something in a head on). it doesn’t help that the Su-27 has more radar missiles and far better missiles. it is unacceptable for one nation to have better radar missiles and IR missile.


No it wouldn’t, the ER is better than the 7M in every scenario except point-blank (sub 1.5 km) launches and those are pretty rare. AIM-7MH/P/R with lofting, midcourse correction, or terminal IR homing would be at least closer to the capability of the ER.


Going off of the datamine, this is just flat out wrong. The Su-27’s radar is better in every way except for pulse-doplar (which isn’t useful for BVR) and range, where it’s maximum is still barely a few kilometers short of the distance from their team’s airfield to the opposite team’s airfield. It has more power, its sideLobeSens values are less negative (a good thing from what I know), the half angle sensitivity is better. Whatever is happening that led to the F-15A’s missiles getting their first is not the F-15A having a stronger radar