Give ability to authorize on CIS forum using Gaijin account

I think it will not happen, in the best case they will remember ancient technologies of the past and restore access to ru forum


Doesn’t really solve the issue with UA Community though, as other languages were never allowed on CIS forum in the first place.
On the other hand, Global forum allows national communities in special sub-forum and is a better place for that.


nothing happened, do Gaijin sleep? They promised us, that we will get the access very soon to russian forum with our Gajin account.


I hope, that you will get here your own Ukraine sub forum. But i think, most of ukrainian people, would stay at russian forum.

when, i waiting, but nothing happen.

Just wait til CIS people try and change their accounts in Twitch to get the report drops next weekend. That was already pretty hard to do before this, taking days sometimes before it took effect.

The Russian forum is basically dead right now, you’re not missing much yet.

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The forum is alive, but many active forum members, have right now, no access to the ru forum.

Do you have news for us? When Gajin plan to give us access to russian forum?

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@Stona_WT @Smin1080p is any info available?

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If we start reasoning, Ukrainian is closer to Russian than Russian or Ukrainian is to English. That makes it easier to communicate. Plus, as far as I know from my acquaintances and relatives in Ukraine, almost everyone knows Russian to some extent.
Nevertheless, I understand the desire to speak in one’s native language
But it seems that the snail forgot about us and decided to ignore this issue. It’s been two weeks already (or how many?), and no action has been taken. I’ll have to improve my English grammar.

IUpd. It’s seems like a something coming


Nothing happened

Yep and this is sad

Yes, it’s sad, I switched to the CIS region, just to get access to the forum, even though I didn’t have any problems paying on the global account.


(actually, I was really hoping to get a khokhloma skin, but now that I’ve found out that it doesn’t exist, I want to go back to global :) )

they ignore us) From Gajin we get no news too.

We are still working on restoring access to forum for non-pixel accounts.
I will be able to share more details in this week (cannot say when exactly, because I do not know specific date yet).
Thanks for patience.


Thanks for patience.
In next week we will try to deploy update for RU forum, so non PixelStorm players can log in and use it.


Can you provide any answers related to Ukrainian community, since we don’t belong to CIS forum or publisher and there’s no Ukrainian sub on Global forum?

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Will this work in reverse?

Looks like it is already