Give a gift to someone with other currency

Hi, I have a problem

I’m in Belgium so I use € and I would like to give a gift to my friend that uses $ in the market but it says that I can’t give a gift to someone that uses a different currency. Is there any way to do it anyways ?

We haven’t found a way. It has really impacted our discord giveaways and really not sure of the logic behind it.

As far as i know, this was implemented because people could just abuse it with currencies that are worth less (like Lira), however I’m not exactly sure.

Likely taxation and digital rights/privacy laws they have to navigate. Other games do allow you yes, it doesn’t mean there aren’t costs or downsides to the company.

Surbaissemaxxing Is probably most likely right. If they didn’t prohibit it, you would quickly have people setting on sideline stores to sell discounted vehicles from the difference between currency prices.

So it is unlikely to have this problem solved ?

Send them the money in some IRL form Gaijin accepts and let them buy it on their acct.