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During 2005 the South African defence firm IVEMA set out to design and develop a Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) family of vehicles called the “GILA”. The GILA 4x4 MRAP came in variety of variants such as an Armoured Personnel Carrier, Battlefield Ambulance, Missile Platform, Mortar Platform, Battlefield Re-supply vehicle, Command and Control Post and a VIP Command vehicle. The GILA made its first appearance at 2006 African Aerospace and Defence expo held at AFB Ysterplaat, since 2012 IVEMA has been taken over by another South African Defence firm called Paramount Group. The GILA features a V-shape hull to protect the crew against land mines and can be fitted additional add-on armour to increase the vehicles ballistic protection, the GILA can also be equipped with a variety of turrets, for this forum post we will focus on the Missile Platform GILA fitted with the ALRRT-4M turret (Armed, Long-Range, Reconnaissance Turret). The ALRRT-4M is a stabilised reconnaissance turret with the capability to carry four ZT3 ATGM launchers or two ZT3 ATGM launchers and a 7.62mm machine gun. The turrets also allow for fire on the move and features full day and night capabilities coupled to automatic target tracking.



Main armament: ZT3A2 Ingwe ATGM Launcher

Secondary armament: one 7.62mm MG (Optional)

Elevation angels: -10, +25

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Weight: 12,4t

Engine: Daimler Chrysler (4-cylinder turbo charged)

Horsepower: 215hp (160kW)

Gearbox: Allison (automatic)

Top Speed: 105km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes



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Secondary Sources:

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