Ghost shells

Between two players with different latencies, who will win on the theoretical condition that both of them fired at each other on the same time?

Server said the player with lower latency wins.

Game is fair??

Yes. That is how internet works in layman’s terms.

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In that case, the game could be fair if the servers were in Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Perth and New Zealand.

Well how much do servers cost and how big is the market?



Minecraft servers are cheap


WarThunder is free to play

Who knows in an international game? That is online gaming for you

Imho, the servers are actually evaluating your internet connection and try to estimate when your “now” occured. And it seems that they are more leniant for people with less good/stable/fast connections. While this may not be so obvious with tanks, it becomes obvious with planes and deflection shooting.

I’ve looked at the network performance using tools and analysers and it’s not just servers. It’s also the biggest elephant in the room.

Like I said, if the servers were located south of the equator, people will experience the same issues and complain of the same problems I am saying.

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Maybe I just don’t understand your whole point?

And you did that for both players? You know that? The server talks to you?

Its most likely you not servers. Dont mean to sound rude but how far are you from the main mast or what cable do you have? How much user traffic etc etc.

Just me. It’s easy to assume that other players have less than 110ms latency.

I have a 5GB Ethernet in operation. The entire backbone from my place is fibre optic.

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Mine is all hardwired CAT 6 its what I do for a living most days.The variables in Internet are vast.Local connection is the big upset.

Who’s the carrier/internet distributor?

EE which use BT lines

Netcode makes it more complicated.
The clients send data (commands, state, etc.) to the server with timestamps. Notionally, the server reconstructs the order of events, regardless of lag, before judging outcome. Or at least does the best compromise it can. That is why you get things like “ghost shells” and other weirdness.
Where high lag affects the most, is in the delay in client updates which keeps the player from reacting as quickly as a client with low latency.
So the player with low ping will get the shot off faster than slowpoke, even if they fired at the same time or sooner from their perspective.

Not all game engine (Dagor) works that way. Also does the actual game process that information? Where did you get the information?

All multiplayer networked games work that way.

Any online gaming may take a dive at certain times of day if everyone in your area is using the net.No matter what your personal instilation is.Download speed is where hardwire comes into its own.

No. case of multiplayer turn based games. Where are you getting your information from anyway?

Correct. Also, network traffic routing can switch you from high priority traffic to less priority traffic

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Is WT a turn based game?

I have an expensive piece of paper that says I know 'puter stuffs.
Go at least read the Wiki on netcode before you try to argue.