GGN1 Squadron/Community Recruitment

GGN1, This squadron is made up of multiple members being some of the most fun and respected people I have played with. We have recently started over by trying to find more serious players to join the Squadron and discord to make our community bigger and stronger. We are starting to focus more on squadron battles and building our competitive team consisting of some of the best players. Also Having our founder being a top 10k player dropping nukes almost daily, it is really hard to beat us when working together as a team and having a strong connection between each player the chemistry in our squadron is un-matched. We may take things pretty serious but a lot of the time we let loose and mess around, again most of the community makes up of younger people. We have tons of fun and events, including giveaways little tournaments, and meetups with the whole server playing in customs having as much fun. When you join you will be asked to meet certain requirements. Minimum level being 75 and when you join you must have at least a 1500 activity score after 1-2 weeks. Message me for a Link to the discord and I will have you meet with some of our staff. Welcome to GGN1/