Getting no help in technical support

Been having a increasing problem in Arcade where suddenly my crosshair jumps way out of alignment with the recital crosshairs and circle guide. Random but seems to happening more frequently the last few weeks.

Tech has ignored my past posts on this in the old forum and here too,

Any ideas ?

Maybe moving over some obstacles?

Sounds like you have a keybind set for adjusting the elevation of your barrel. Check your control settings for “Sight distance control”. Make sure its not be bound to something strange. I think by default its the mouse wheel. In that screenshot I can see its set to 4750m. Meaning if something was that far away, you’d hit it.

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Nope, it’s random and I haven’t changed any binds outside of movement keys.

Check that setting anyway i can see in that screenshot your range is set to nearly 5km. No wonder you cant hit anything up close. Settings sometimes reset

This is the effect that the Sight distance control has

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Missing the point completely here, I didn’t set or play with anything. Game will be doing fine then randomly comes up whacked when the tanks spawns. Next spawn the glitch is gone.

Comes and goes could be weeks or a day between events, has happened in all counties tree’s I’ve played.

It’s a game glitch.

Then you need to submit a bug a report. But next time it happens, try adjusting your gun sight, If that doesnt fix it, then its definetly a bug and so a bug report is needed

Need to show more video evidence of it happening and be sure to have your sight based off not the gunner sight as this could easily be the reason…

Also it is set to KMs of sight adjustment, I use \ to reset the range so I can set that, but I’d certainly check why it’s set that high… and what control you use to add to it, and check whether it’s actually ‘clicked’ but lagged out and stayed on for no reason.

And the reason you won’t get a hit in customer support will be because it looks like a client setting issue, and would be a reset the controls to defaults and start again.