Getting kicked by Easy anticheat

I keep getting kicked from Matches about 1 minute in the game.
Idk what to do, does anybody have a solution?


No solution , Gaijin needs to fix it.

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Do you have any sound mods or anything your recently added?

ok, is it really Gaijins problem? I think it’s Easy Anticheats problem

yes , EAC and WT are not communicating. So a Gaijin problem. but feel free to try and fix it yourself.

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I have none. There are quit alot of players with the same problem


No, sights and user skins tho

Could be launch day bugs. submit a report and try restarting your pc. Hopefully they will get it sorter soon.

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yeah I tried everything and now even trying deleting and downloading the game again

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i have also this problem, waiting for fix(( interesting, this is only for TRB, I played ARB and nothin, everything is ok

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Air AB and RB and Ground AB don’t need EAC to run.

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