Getting barley any squadron points

Hi, so i just joined a new squadron and have been getting barley any squadron points. My my previous squadron, I would be getting the max of 20,000 every 3 days pretty consistently. Now that I have joined a new squadron, I have been playing the same amount if not more and I am only getting around 4,000 squadron points. I am researching the A4E using squadron points and have about 140,000 to go and I main US ground and air trees, and occasionally the German ground and air trees. I have played a lot within 3 days, like I have gotten the US M60 and F8F-1B, and 3 German low tier tanks and planes. I have no idea why I am getting barley any squadron points while still playing the same amount if not more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The amount of squadron points you get is based off the activity of your whole squadron, not just you. This explains it from the wiki:

Squadron research points are gained from being active while being in a squadron. For every 200 research points earned, an “activity point” will be added to the squadron’s collective pool. Every 3 days, these activity points will be converted into an amount of research points towards the selected squadron vehicle, depending on the player’s relative activity and the total number of points in the pool. Each player can contribute up to 360 points per 3-day period, and the activity pool is limited to 20,000 points.

So looking at your squadron, it looks like you simply do not have enough people getting the 360 points per 3 days to get enough points overall for everyone to get 20k sqRP. The activity number here shows the points over a 30-day period, so a new joiner to the squadron will only be able to get 360 on the first 3 days, then 720 by the next three, and so on.

If you want to see the current activity your squadron has, you can check this tab at the bottom
It will pull up a menu like this:
This shows my activity at 0 because i have not yet played today, and the reset was last night for the points, if you have played since last night it will show up here.

Thank you so much! This is very helpful.