Get droped after 45 min. of play time ,over and over

after i open the game i get a box that opens and telles me this version of the game doesn’t support 32 bit system . Well i don’t have a 32 bit system ,mine is 64 bit .After the game shuts down the error notes say i don’t have enough memery . although my computer has 16 GB of memery and more then 1/2 of it is open . what do you think might be wrong and what can i do to fix the problem?

Can you please first try the options indicated in the Knowledge base and see if these fix the issue.
Please clear the cache, verify the files and remove all custom content.

Please report it here // Issues Select your Operating system etc. Or you can report it from the game under the Community tab in the hangar.

The game will run in 32Bit mode. So I am somewhat surprised at the message you get. We will need to look at all the files etc.

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