Gernab P47 Bombs

gives the German P47 bombs. Since almost all other nations have a P47 with bombs, only the German one does not, as it has historically been used as a reconnaissance aircraft. But still a German P47 with bombs would be better because it is the only P47 without bombs that costs real money and that is bad for German players. at least one 1000lb bomb and one 500kg

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This discussion pops up from time to time.

It boils down that historical usage (imho you are wrong regarding recon usage of captured P-47s) doesn’t matter, the refusal to equip the German P-47s with bombs is a deliberate decision by gaijin.

Or if you are playing Germany in Ground RB: A decision to “balance” German CAS options. I mean there is a German Il-2 premium with German bombs implemented - despite the irl Germans saw them as crap due to low quality and it was never used and never had German bombs.

So imho you have 2 options:

  1. Create a suggestion and hope that it will be approved by gaijin (imho the biggest obstacle) and that you find 70 upvotes for your suggestion in order to get it passed to the devs


  1. Simply refuse to buy the German P-47 as it is artificially nerfed

Usually some wikipedia/tik tok historians will join and try to deny to get bombs on the “Hitlerbolt” with various reasons - simply proving that they have not realized that this game is more or less pure fantasy.

In case you want to be prepared - i attach the latest GER P-47 discussion i am aware of - with some interesting facts later in the thread:

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